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2014 MAIN Event

Professional Development for Immersion Educators

October 16, 2014 • 8:00-12:00PM

Anwatin Middle School • 256 Upton Avenue South • Minneapolis

8:00-8:30: Check-in, coffee and social hour

8:30-9:30: Student panel (Chinese, French, German, and Spanish secondary students)

Facilitator:  Leah Laurent, Anwatin Middle School teacher and former immersion student

9:45-10:45 Breakout Session I:

  • Sharing Our Model: Joyce Preschool's Bilingual Curriculum (Pre-K), Sarah Clyne & Katie Yanike, Joyce Preschool (301) (sessions I and II)

Joyce Preschool is a two-way English/Spanish bilingual preschool in South Minneapolis, with a satellite classroom at Windom Spanish Immersion Elementary School.  Their unique program model emphasizes literacy and parent involvement to help more children start school with a strong foundation -- in two languages!

  • Aprendizaje cooperativo: estrategias para el trabajo en equipo eficaz (K-12), Vicente Sanchez, Anwatin (302) (sessions I and II)

Sesión práctica para aprender un conjunto de estrategias que garanticen la participación equitativa, la interacción simultánea y el compromiso grupal. Aplicable a todos los grados.

  • Spanish Model UN, (Secondary), Robyn Eliason (Anwatin) and Andrea Klein Bergman (Model UN) (401) (Session I only)

From the United Nations Association (UNA) of Minnesota, Spanish Model UN is an innovative international education program that engages Spanish immersion middle school students in the classroom involving human rights and development issues. After completion of the curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in a Spanish Model UN State Conference in the spring.

Have you ever wondered why your students aren't using their second language? This session will focus on a process that motivates students to effectively speak in the target language. Watch your students learn to love speaking their immersion language!

Participants will learn about the current K-8 Chinese and Spanish Language Immersion Assessment plan including the ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) , Let’s Go Learn DORA-Spanish, ACTFL AAPPL, AVANT STAMP, and the YCT/HSK.

  • Engaging Chinese Teaching and Learning (K-5), Lixia Shi and Donghong Wang, Xinxing Academy, (402) (Session I only)

In this workshop, the presenters will share best practices to teach Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing including sharing student work from primary grades (K-3) and intermediate  grades (4-6). Participants will learn practical teaching techniques that they can use in their own classrooms immediately.


11:00-12:00 Breakout session II

  • Sharing Our Model: Joyce Preschool's Bilingual Curriculum (Pre-K), Sarah Clyne & Katie Yanike, Joyce Preschool (301) (Sessions I and II)  See 9:45 session

  • Aprendizaje cooperativo: estrategias para el trabajo en equipo eficaz (K-12), Vincent Sanchez, Anwatin (302) (Sessions I and IISee 9:45 session

  • World Savvy (secondary), (Session II only) Jim Zacchini (401)

Secondary immersion students need opportunities to understand how their experience as language learners contributes to their developing global competency skills and behaviors.  Join World Savvy for a dialogue about incorporating global competency values and attitudes into the curriculum. You'll also learn about the programs they have developed to give students the opportunity to practice skills that will be crucial in a constantly changing interconnected world.

  • Transitioning Your Students from L1 to L2 (K-4),  Samantha Richardson, Vista Clara (St. Cloud) (405) (Sessions I and II) See 9:45 session

  • Effective Assessment Tools/Practices for Language Immersion (K-8 teachers, administrators), Matt Rega, Assessment Director, Minnetonka (406) (Sessions I and II) See 9:45 session

  • Intro to Biliteracy from the start (K-5 teachers, administrators in dual language programs, Sp/Eng), Annika Fjelstad and Corina Pastrana, Minneapolis Public Schools (402)  (Session II only)    

We will introduce a holistic bilingual (Spanish/English) framework that discovers and understands the potential of our emergent bilingual students.  We will introduce the Literacy Squared instructional model in which children learn to read and write in two languages simultaneously.  We will preview appropriate instructional practices to nurture and foster their potential with a focus on The Dictado, a  cross-language strategy that helps students make connections between both languages.

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