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MAIN Event 2011

Co-sponsored by MAIN and The Confucius Institute at the University of Minnesota

Struggling Learners and Dual Language/Immersion Education: 

Research based, Practitioner-informed Principles

A workshop on Struggling Learners and Dual Language/Immersion Education attracted 115 immersion teachers to Anwatin Middle in Minneapolis on October 20.

Morning workshop presenter: Dr. Tara Fortune, Immersion Projects Coordinator, Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota

Share the CARLA Resources for Struggling Immersion Learners page with colleagues and parents.

Order the book, Struggling Learners and Immersion Education, from the CARLA website.

Afternoon Breakout Session Topics and Leaders
(links are to presenter emails)

Signing Strategies for Beginning Readers, Park Spanish Immersion, St. Louis Park, MN

Maria Reyes, Spanish Immersion Reading Intervention Teacher

Rosa Sala-Healey, Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher

Signing strategies link at CARLA (scroll down to #6)

Literacy Support for Struggling Readers, Emerson Spanish Learning Community, Mpls, MN

Lisa Calderon, Spanish Immersion Literacy Support Teacher

Megan Unger, Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher

Motivating Activity Formats for Mandarin Chinese Oral Language and Literacy, Yinghua Academy, Mpls, MN

Taoyuan Li, Speech Language Pathologist
(View a pdf of Taoyuan's presentation)

Meeting the Needs of All Learners through Flexible Grouping, Normandale French Immersion, Edina, MN

Maureen Curran Dorsano, Gr 2 French Immersion Teacher

Mary Livant, Gr 2 French Immersion Teacher

10 Tips and a Fidget: Ideas for Working with Challenging Learners, Highland Park Middle School, St. Paul, MN

Martha Johnson, Spanish Immersion Language Arts Teacher
(View a pdf of Martha's presentation)
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