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MAIN Event 2010

St Louis Park, MN

"This session was absolutely excellent. We have 29 languages… and these language awareness activities will be perfect to address the I[nternational] B[accalaureate] philosophy of honoring home languages..."
Participant in the 2010 MAIN Event

Over 100 teachers and administrators attended the 2010 MAIN Event, the annual professional development day for immersion educators, on October 21. Registration and lunch were provided free of charge for all participants thanks to an Education Minnesota Affinity grant.

The St. Louis Park Senior High cafeteria was humming with activity all morning as Dr. Diane Dagenais (left in top photo) of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver conducted a hands-on workshop entitled "Awareness of Languages in Multilingual Landscapes." 

Participants used their knowledge of English and their immersion languages to make inferences about meaning in languages they do not know; they created language biographies for children who use multiple languages across their home and school environments; and they imagined and shared ways for trying some of these ideas back in their classrooms.

Over the lunch hour administrators met for a networking session on teacher recruitment; teachers met after lunch in grade level groups. At the door prize drawing at the end of the day, one lucky participant received a copy of Tara Fortune's new book, Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-based, Practitioner-informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions.

A follow-up session will take place in March where teachers can share some of the ways they have incorporated language awareness activities into their classrooms.

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